Who’s eligible?
We offer cards to verified users who reside in the EEA, Norway, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein and have confirmed it with their proof of address. You can check the full list of supported countries if you click here.

Please note, that UK residents can order the card in EUR and GBP, while EEA residents can opt for the EUR card only.

Who's the card issuer?

Your NearPay Visa prepaid card is issued by PayrNet Ltd in the UK. In the EU, your NearPay Visa prepaid card is issued by UAB PAYRNET.

How does it work?
NearPay card works just like your regular bank card, so you can use it to pay for goods and services both offline and online. It is contactless and supports 3D Secure, which helps protect your card against unauthorized use.

Please note that this is a prepaid card, which means that before you can use it, you will need to top it up.

How much does it cost?
The virtual card is free, the plastic one — 5 EUR/GBP.

What's the recurring fee?
It is a card service fee of 1 EUR/GBP. The fee will be applied monthly unless the balance of your card is zero. Please note that there’s also a dormancy fee of 5 EUR/GBP, which will be charged if your account remains inactive for more than 365 days. If you would like to close the card, please contact us via chat or [email protected].

How can I order?
We’ve written two detailed guides that will help you to order your plastic (coming soon) or virtual NearPay card.

I have a virtual card, but now I want one in plastic.
You can easily upgrade to plastic – please refer to this article here (coming soon).

What are my delivery options?
You can choose between the Standard and Express option. The Standard delivery by Royal Mail is free and might take up to 1-2 weeks. The Express delivery by DHL costs 15 EUR/GBP and the delivery time for the card will depend on the country you live in (it may take 1-7 days).

I’ve received my plastic card, how can I activate it?
You can find a detailed guide here (coming soon).

Where can I find the card details?
Please refer to this article.

How can I top up?
You can top up your NearPay card right from your NearPay account, from another card, or from a Skrill account.

Please note that loads from another card or from a Skrill account are usually credited to your NearPay card in 1-3 days.

Can I link my card with my PayPal account?

Yes, you can link your NearPay card with your PayPal account and use it as a payment method there.

Can I change the PIN code for my card?

Sure, you can! You can read an article about how to do it using the desktop version of our service here (coming soon). You can also read the detailed guides for Android (coming soon) and iOS (coming soon) apps.

Can I withdraw cash?
Yes. We charge a 2.5 EUR/GBP fee for cash withdrawals in the card currency and a 3.5 EUR/GBP + 3% fee for cash withdrawals in a currency different from the card currency.

Can I use my card to top up a bookmaker account?

Yes, you can use your NearPay card for topping up bookmaker, investment, gambling and other accounts which use fiat money, and purchasing traveller's cheques.

Can I use my card to make transactions in foreign currency?
Certainly. We charge a 3% fee for such transactions.

Can I transfer the funds from the card back to my NearPay account?
Yes, you can find the instructions on how to do it here.

Can I add my card to Google Pay (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay)?

Not at the moment, but we're planning to add this option in the future.

How long is my card valid for?

Your card is valid for 3 years. You can find the expiry date on the front side of the card or check it in the details of your virtual card.

I’ve lost my card, what should I do?
You will need to block the card in your account. For more instructions, please refer to this article.

Can I reissue the card?
Yes. The reissue fee is 15 EUR/GBP. Please contact us via chat or [email protected], and we will help you with it.

Still have questions left? Please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or via chat.

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