Submission of Requests


For the submission of requests, law enforcement officials should use [email protected]. To ensure a timely response and data confidentiality, please do not send law enforcement inquiries to NearPay Support or any other channel not intended for law enforcement.

By Mail

Mailing address:

8 Devonshire Square, Spitalfields, London, EC2M 4PL

Attention: CPS Solutions LTD Compliance

For a quicker response time, please submit a copy of the request to our email address [email protected].

Information to be provided

  • A valid Law Enforcement Request made by authorised law enforcement.

  • A valid return email from an official government domain or physical address.

You must have valid legal grounds to request information in order for NearPay to provide any user's information. The request should contain information that would help us identify the user or transaction regarding which the information is sought (e.g. NearPay user’s full name, NearPay’s cryptocurrency wallet address and known card(s) number(s), transaction ID, or any other information about certain requested details and their relation to the investigation).

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