At NearPay, we’ve been working on finding the best crypto payment solution for both individuals and businesses for many months, during which time we have faced a number of hurdles, both technological and regulatory.

However, after many long days, nights, and weekends, we are thrilled to say that all the hard work and toil has paid off - the first products in the NearPay stable are now available for use.

What is the NearPay Wallet?

NearPay Wallet is a custodial wallet that really allows your cryptocurrency to work for you. In addition to storing your cryptocurrency securely, NearPay Wallet opens up a new dimension in utility, from earning rewards through staking to fiat bank withdrawals. The cryptocurrency wallet experience for most users extends as far as receiving, sending, and storing coins, but at NearPay we wanted to go to a new level of utility.

Naturally, NearPay Wallet users will be able to send, store, and receive cryptocurrencies, with support for more than 30 at the outset, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Fancy earnings rewards on your cryptocurrency holdings, or swapping between supported cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies in just a couple of clicks? How about buying cryptocurrencies through a connected bank account and then being able to withdraw fiat from back into that same account? All that, and more, can be completed inside the NearPay Wallet.

Experience ultimate utility with the NearPay Card

What good is a crypto wallet if you can’t use your holdings in the real world? Step forward the NearPay Card, a cryptocurrency debit card that forms a bridge between your NearPay Wallet and shops, restaurants, online merchants, in fact anywhere Visa cards are accepted…which is pretty much everywhere.

You’ll get your virtual NearPay Card after completing a few additional steps once your NearPay Wallet registration clears, and once you have that you can start using your crypto for online shopping; in-app purchases; recurring payments/subscriptions from your bank account; and much more. Think of the NearPay Card as a replacement for your bank card, except it runs on crypto, so there’s no one to say what you can and can’t spend your money on.

The benefits of the NearPay Wallet in conjunction with the NearPay Card are huge. As well as what we have described above, you’ll also get:

  • Integration with the Near protocol and NEAR token

  • Enhanced security features

  • Secure account restoration in case of loss

Like the NearPay Wallet, this feature list is just the start - we’ll be adding extra utility over the coming months and years, including a physical NearPay Card that will allow you to spend your cryptocurrency at any establishment that accepts Visa, meaning you can enjoy a day’s shopping then and a night out all with your NearPay Card.

Who can use the NearPay Wallet and Card?

Because crypto lives in strange regulatory times, there are currently geographical differences in the services we can offer - for example, the NearPay Wallet can be used in over 90 countries, while countries supporting the NearPay Card include only the UK and those within the EEA for now. We are confident that our coverage will increase to other parts of the world soon, and we are actively working on that, but for now, please check our help centre to confirm the services that are available in your country before you register.

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