You think that you've lost your card, or it has been stolen. What should you do?


  1. Go to your Accounts page and find your card;

  2. At the page that opened, click Lock;

  3. In the pop-up window, click Lock again to block the card.

  4. Please check your possessions one more time to make sure the card is really lost;

  5. If the card is still missing, please click the Unload button to withdraw funds to your NearPay account;

  6. Contact us via chat or [email protected], so we can close your card. We'll also be happy to help you to issue a new card. The fee, in this case, is 5 EUR/GBP.

Please don't worry – you will be able to unlock your card any time you want by clicking the Unlock button at the card's page.

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